1. My entry for the Threadless “Dogs” competiton - The Call Of The Tame



  3. I started getting a little spare time in the studio now and then, so I began drawing these animal faces just for fun. Now I’ve ended up with a set of them. People keep telling me to make them into posters and I finally have (and it only took a whole year!).

    Available as prints at http://society6.com/RubbishDesigner


  4. My submission for Threadless Lion King Design Challenge, votes are appreciated as I would very much like to have $5000 in my life.



  5. If you hate these faceless portraits that I do I have some bad news. I started a 4th set today. 


  6. Dear Buddha, for Christmas please send me a pony and a plastic rocket and Firefly season 2. http://www.etakooramnahsmech.com/


  7. It’s not often you get to see ‘Firefly’ and ‘Series 2′ in the same sentence. Here is the second set of Firefly illustrations I did instead of doing my actual work.